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It’s “PAY IT FORWARD” Week at #RRBC! Meet accomplished author Karl J. Morgan!

Rave Reviews Book Club’s goal is to Profile, Promote and Propel its member-authors via as many viable vehicles as possible.

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As a proud member of the club, I’m delighted to participate in our “PAY IT FORWARD” week. Join me, and let’s celebrate the accomplished author Karl J. Morgan! Karl is a Science Fiction/ Fantasy author, crackerjack finance guy, and proud first time grandpa!

Meet Karl J. Morgan

In his own words…

I have spent my whole life inspired by words on paper and the magic of movies.  I wrote poetry in my tortured high school days, but that was long ago.

This has been one heck of an adventure for the last three years. I’m working on my thirteenth book now. Eleven have been published, and two more are due to come out in the next few months. As well, my stories have been published in two anthologies. Throughout my stories, I keep my heroes heroic and my villains evil. I hope to make readers happy by letting the good guys come out on top, even though they may face the more horrible circumstances along the way. Using the science fiction and fantasy genres really sets my mind free to create unbelievable situations, life-forms, and new science. Along the way, I try to remind readers of two of my favorite thoughts, which are: while there is life, there is hope; and the universe is a much more magical and mysterious place that we can imagine.I hope you can join me on this adventure.


Karl’s Novels

You can find details on all of his works at the links below. His works fit into the following genres.

Science Fiction: The Dave Brewster Series


Join with Dave Brewster as he travels eleven centuries into the future to help mankind meet new civilizations, face new threats and make new friends. These are stories of friendship, intergalactic warfare, friendly and enemy alien civilizations, as well as technology far beyond what we can imagine.

Fantasy: The Heartstone Series


A massive earthquake unleashes alien monsters desperate to kill Bill Marshall and his family. The Heartstone series follows Bill to alien worlds and back in time where he faces mages and wizards with incredible power who would like nothing better than to subjugate our planet. He will face death, enslavement, and overwhelming odds as he fights to restore the peace.

Suspense: The Modern Prophet Series

TwoDoors-ebookcover-200x300 prophet

These stories deal with ordinary people who suddenly find themselves able to foresee the future. When other forces (human and supernatural) discover their traits, our heroes become their targets. Can these intrepid individuals overcome their foes, or is Earth doomed. These books are set in modern time or the near future.

Spiritual self-help: Remembrances


Karl’s first book, Remembrances is a spiritual self-help tome that helps us understand that this life is of our own choosing and we have the power to make life what we want it to be. We are never alone.

Where to buy Karl’s Books

E-book editions – available on most online booksellers

Smashwords, Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many others.

Print editions –  available at online retailers

  Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and in select Barnes & Noble stores.


As luck would have it, Karl has a few copies of the Dave Brewster Series books available directly from him! Click this link to get yours now at a great discount price (autographed too!).

You can connect with and/or find out more about Karl on



Author’s Den


You can also sign up for e-mail from him on his website. He’ll let you know when new books are coming and you will also get advanced noticed on giveaways or discounts!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “It’s “PAY IT FORWARD” Week at #RRBC! Meet accomplished author Karl J. Morgan!”

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Dawn! I was fascinated when I discovered how many books Karl has published. And such beautiful book covers and intriguing story lines! Happy PIF day! 🙂


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