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The Heart’s Journey Home by Natalie Ducey – New on the Shelves – #Poetry – Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore

Today, I’m humbled and honoured to have my work and my passion featured on Sally Cronin’s website. Sally has graciously shared my book of poetry The Heart’s Journey Home along with a few lovely reviews and links to all my social media profiles.

Sally is an accomplished author and one of the most generous and kind souls I’ve had the privilege to connect with. I encourage all readers and authors to visit her website, as you’ll quickly see just how amazing and incredibly supportive she is.

To date, Sally has published ten books, and her most recent What’s in a Name – 20 Colourful Tales was published in February 2017.

As a writer she knows how important it is to have help in marketing books. In her own words, “As important as my own promotion is, I believe it is important to support others.” She offers a number of FREE promotional opportunities on her blog that is linked to her social media.

For more information on Sally’s books, please visit her website or her Amazon Author Page.

Please join me on Sally’s website and view, leave a comment, and share the lovely post she has written for The Heart’s Journey Home. You can find the link here.


sally book store
Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore

With much joy and gratitude,

Natalie Ducey ♥

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