Into the Light ~ Peace by Piece Puzzles

Mental Health Week ~ Let’s watch out for each other, without judgement or fear. #MentalHealthWeek #GetLoud

May 1-7th is Mental Health Week in Canada. Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week is an annual national event that takes place during the first week in May to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health.

Peace by Piece Puzzles was inspired by the importance of mental health in our lives. Mental wellness should not be a convoluted concept; it’s an essential piece of our lives. A daily promise to ourselves that we are worthy to be free of inner turmoil, free to love and be loved.

At some point in our lives, if not already, we are bound to meet the immobilizing force of loss. What was once steady, secure, and familiar is gone. In the blink of an eye gone. Or perhaps it slowly slipped out of reach. We lose family, dear friends, health, mobility, and the freedom that comes with peace of mind. Loss is an inevitable part of life’s journey, but it’s painful and its might can break any of us. In many ways be become battered ships sailing rough waters in search of our safe harbour. Sadly, far too many never reach shore.

I wrote Into the Light as a message of hope and understanding. I believe in the power of words, but I also know that any gesture of love, any act of kindness and understanding can profoundly change a life.

Let’s watch out for each other, without judgement or fear. For any act of kindness, your act of kindness can be the light that guides another home.

With love and gratitude,

Into the Light

The wounds of battle
These scars you do not see
Have waged their own war
Its sights set on me.

Determined to break me
And scatter the remains
Fragmenting the life
That I once so proudly claimed.

A coward’s call to dance
It refuses to be seen
Lurking in the shadows
And tormenting dreams.

With defiance, I’ll hold on
And the sun will rise again
There is hope in my resolve
This battle I shall win.

I’ll pick up the fragments
Without indignity or shame
And piece by piece, with a mighty heart
I’ll rise and build again.

© Natalie Ducey

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