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πŸ’• The Heart’s Journey Home πŸ’• Where it all began! #RRBC #IARTG #ThrowbackThursday

I love creating things. A passion I discovered later in life. I didn’t stumble upon it. I discovered it and embraced it without self-imposed judgement. Perhaps it’s because I chose to live more in the present, detached from the fear of exploiting time. Β We tend to be our worst critics sometimes.

This passion fuels my soul. There is so much beauty in the process.

Many of you know I recently published my second book of poetry, The Heart’s Lullaby.

I’m currently working on promotional pieces for it. I select a few verses and present them in a frame so they look much like the book cover and align with the message that lies within.

Capture life's sunset

But something happened that I wasn’t quite expecting. And who doesn’t love unexpected gifts?! To my wonderment, I saw an increase in sales of my first book of poetry, The Heart’s Journey Home. Such a lovely surprise!

Which brings me to my post, aptly referred to as Throwback Thursday’s.

For the next few weeks, I’d love to share with you a few verses from The Heart’s Journey Home. It’s with much joy that I create these images as I pause and celebrate the genesis of this exquisite writing journey.

A few lines from the poem, Borrowed Angel.

Capture borrowed angel

Thank you for stopping by today and being a part of this incredible journey!Β β™₯



21 thoughts on “πŸ’• The Heart’s Journey Home πŸ’• Where it all began! #RRBC #IARTG #ThrowbackThursday”

  1. I love the imagery you combine with your poems. Truly stunning and beautiful.
    And it’s lovely to hear the Heart’s Journey Home is experiencing renewed attention. It’s a fabulous collection.

    The verse you chose is so appropriate for me today. I spent the afternoon on the phone crying with a friend who is saying goodbye to her cherished pet of 16 years. Yes, “Baby” is a cat and not a human, but saying goodbye is breaking her heart. The rainbow bridge calls, but that dear feline was truly an angel for the joy and blessings she brought to my friend. {{hugs}}

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