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💕 The Heart’s Journey Home 💕 A time of reflection. #RRBC #IARTG #ThrowbackThursday

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today. ♥

For the past few weeks it’s been a pleasure sharing verses from my first book of poetry, The Heart’s Journey Home.

Today, I chose a timely, poignant verse from the poem, Reckless Words. These are unsettling times, layered in complexities that are often difficult to comprehend. It is my hope that we rise above it with dignity, free from the shadow of shame.

Capture sorry

Thank you for stopping by today and being a part of this incredible journey! ♥

27 thoughts on “💕 The Heart’s Journey Home 💕 A time of reflection. #RRBC #IARTG #ThrowbackThursday”

  1. It’s so tragic that every word of this lovely poem are truths. How sad that we humans have come to a place we never dreamed could happen again. Thanks for writing this, Natalie.❤️️

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    1. Soooz, it’s so unsettling and my heart is heavy. I never imagined the world would be in its current state when I wrote those words three years ago. So very sad.
      Thanks for visiting today. Always a joy to see you here. Wishing you a joyful weekend. ❤️

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