The Heart's Lullaby ~ a candid portrayal of love in all its splendor and pain.
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Moments we dream of as authors! 💕 #RRBC #IARTG

Today, I just have to share some really fantastic news!

These are moments we dream of as authors. We can easily convince ourselves that they are out of reach. I’m not referring to Best Seller status here. No, to me this means so much more. The news…

♥ Rave Reviews Book Club named me the “Spotlight” Author for September! ♥

To receive this recognition from my peers is truly an honour, for which I’m most grateful.

Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) is a global community of authors supporting each other. I consider many members to be dearest friends and even family. It feels like home. If you’re not already a member, I really encourage you to join this incredible, inspiring community of authors and readers. A while ago I wrote a piece on the benefits of joining RRBC. You can read the post here → Whether you’re an author or a reader, RRBC is a place you’ll feel at home.

As “Spotlight” Author, I’m currently on a seven day blog tour. It’s truly amazing! I’m meeting authors and readers all over the world; I have this fantastic opportunity to profile my published poetry collections, The Heart’s Journey Home and The Heart’s Lullaby; my business venture Peace by Piece Puzzles;  as well as share my passion for digital design and printable art.

If you’d like to follow the tour, you can do so by clicking here → RRBC “Spotlight” Author ~ Natalie Ducey. You’re sure to meet talented authors and the most gracious blog hosts.

In celebration of my “Spotlight” tour, I’m delighted to say my second and recently published poetry collection The Heart’s Lullaby is currently available for .99 cents!

THL small


Embers of Love is a poem you’ll find in this collection. ♥


Capture embers

Thank you for joining the celebration!


 Cheers and much love to all. ♥

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