Christmas with the Angels by Natalie Ducey

πŸ’• Christmas with the Angels πŸ’• A poem and message of eternal love. #RRBC #IARTG #Poetry

Greetings, everyone!

The season is upon us, and I hope this finds you with a smile.Β β™₯

It’s with a humble heart that I’d like to share this message of eternal love with you today.

As we celebrate this festive season, may we all feel the love from our dear loved ones who have passed on. Love truly is infinite and divine. May the spirit of Christmas surround us all with love and precious memories.Β β™₯


Christmas with the Angels by Natalie Ducey
Christmas with the Angels by Natalie Ducey


Much love to all. XO

34 thoughts on “πŸ’• Christmas with the Angels πŸ’• A poem and message of eternal love. #RRBC #IARTG #Poetry”

  1. Dear Natalie, your beautiful poem draws my tears and fills my heart. As you’ve so tenderly described, our loved ones who are now surrounded by angels, never leave us. Someday we will join them and what a homecoming it will be. β™₯

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    1. Gwen, your words warm my heart. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s so true. My mom just recently welcomed her sister home. My mom passed suddenly 20 years ago. Christmas was her favourite time of year. I have 24 years of precious memories to cherish, for which I’m most grateful. Blessings to you and yours. XO


  2. So beautifully expressed, Natalie. Our loved ones are still with us in our hearts and souls. Until the time when we are reunited with them, we must cherish them through memories and the impact they made on our lives. I think that’s especially true at this time of year. Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry!

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  3. Hello Natalie. Your beautiful thoughts through poetry are felt with comfort and peace.
    I remember the loss of my mom and the aching heart that left me with sadness. But now I see that she stayed with me in my thoughts, memories and my surroundings. And recently in my own actions.
    Our mothers are true blessings. Bless You!

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    1. Aunt Jeannie, it warms my heart to read your message today. Thanks so much for stopping by and for such kind words. This verse was an emotional piece to write for so many reasons. The love and memories stay forever with us, indeed. Much love to all. Merriest of wishes, too. XO


  4. Oh Natalie, this was such a touching and beautiful poem. This is definitely a time of year when we visit that special place in our hearts where we keep those we loved and lost.
    Merry Christmas my friend and wishing you peace, joy and love for the New Year. ❀

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