I will always miss ~ poem and design by Natalie Ducey
Poems, The Heart's Lullaby

Following your passion! ๐Ÿ’• #RRBC #IARTG #LoveWhatYouDo


I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Shame on me. Well … that ends today!

Interesting things are transpiring. There’s a shift that happens when we remove the self-imposed restraints we tend to shame ourselves into believing are necessary. We have responsibilities, yes, there’s no questioning that. But we so easily drift away from ourselves. Our joy and quest for inner peace slips down the proverbial list of priorities.

The one thing I’ve discovered, and know with complete certainty, is that I’m more whole now than I’ve ever been. And here’s the awesome revelation: In this state of being, I’m able to give so much more. So, why not give it a try? Just go for it, and make yourself a priority. Yes… yes… I know it’s tough, but it’s totally okay to give it a try. You owe yourself that much. I triple-dog-dare ya!

Writing has been my saving grace, but I recently discovered my passion for art. The best way I can describe it is this: writing saved me; art freed me. I never would have discovered this, though, if I didn’t make myself a priority.

Many of you know that I write poetry. For any new visitors … I’m so delighted you’re here and welcome! Did you get the complimentary cookies? The regulars know that I always usually sometimes have a batch ofย homemadeย fresh treats. Welcome to my happy place!


Okay, back to my revelation. Art. I love art, particularly abstract art. It fascinates me.

When I share poems and verses, I always like to pair them with an image. My fascination with art isn’t just visual. I love creating it! I’m not an artist, but I don’t really have a problem with that little, irrelevant detail.

A story to share … I found an image on Pixabay that looks very similar to the image that accompanies the verse below, but I didn’t want to use that image. I wanted to create something similar. I was obsessed with understanding and learning the process of creating these abstract forms. I have no formal training, but I’m passionate about learning. YouTube and I have become dear friends.

I soon discovered that the abstract picture of the girl on the swing was made from an actual image also available on Pixabay. Everything is perfectly legit, but can you imagine my reaction? I was amazed and in a state of bliss. I was able to apply the abstract process (the process that I didn’t even understand yet; see a pattern?) to the same picture. Cool, right?

Long story long. Thanks to YouTube and Photoshop, I created exactly what I set out to do! I then framed the image using a mockup. If you don’t know about mockups, can you please let me know by leaving a comment? They are gems for marketing and showcasing your work. Gems to showcase your gems, my friends! I kid you not. I’ll share (with glee) what I’ve learned since I discovered them about a year ago.

I made this with my friends YouTube and Photoshop!!

This is a verse from The Heart’s Lullaby collection.


Might Have Been ~ A Poem by Natalie Ducey
Might Have Been by Natalie Ducey ~ Available in Etsy Shop


This is the original picture from Pixabay.

If you prefer this picture more, please don’t tell me.

I’m content to live blissfully unaware. ๐Ÿ˜‰

girl on swing


Love what you do. Make yourself a priority.

Every day we have the opportunity to begin again.

How amazing is that?

Cheers and much love to all.ย โ™ฅ

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