Cusp of Night by Mae Clair Mystery/Suspense, Supernatural Mystery, Supernatural Thriller, Urban Legend, Hode’s Hill Series
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Cusp of Night, book one of the Hode’s Hill Series by @MaeClair1 ✨📚 #MustRead #Suspense #SupernaturalThriller

Greetings, everyone! ♥

Today I have the great pleasure of shining the spotlight on one of my favourite authors. After reading Eclipse Lake by Mae Clair, I became an instant fan of her work and brilliant writing style. Her writing is flawless, as she weaves elements of paranormal, mystery, suspense, and a dash of romance, taking readers on an always impressive journey.

After finishing the masterful Point Pleasant Series, I was thrilled to discover another supernatural suspense series was in the works. And, in true form, Mae delivered another can’t-put-down thrill ride. I’ll share my review in a future post!

In Cusp of Night, book one of the Hode’s Hill Series, Mae bridges past and present, mystery and urban legend in a supernatural suspense thriller you don’t want to miss.

Please join me in welcoming Author, Mae Clair!

Hello, and many thanks for allowing me to be your guest today. I’m excited to share the news of my latest release, Cusp of Night, a mystery/suspense novel with elements of the paranormal. The book features dual time lines—past and present—that ultimately converge at the ending. You’ll find ghosts, a creature of urban legend, and a look at the practice of Spiritualism in the late nineteenth century.

The research for this book was so intriguing! Today, I thought I’d like to share some of the terminology I came across as related to spiritualism, much of which finds its way into my book:

Those who attend a séance

The realm of the afterlife, a popular term during the nineteenth century spiritualist movement

The Aether (or Ether)
A place between realms, especially between the living and the dead. Also called the “ether of space” or “the barrier.”

scared young woman in Victorian-era clothing holding candlesAutomatic Writing
A type of mediumship in which the medium is controlled by a spirit or guide who communicates through rapid writing

Spirit Trumpet
An instrument a medium used to communicate with his/her sitters. The spirit trumpet might issue whispers, words, music, or soar through the air

Spirit Cabinet
A device, much like a free-standing closet, introduced by the Davenport Brothers in the 1850s. The medium would be secured inside the cabinet, seemingly restricted from producing any tricks during. Séance, ensuring that what sitters witnessed were actual manifestations produced by the departed.

A slimy white substance said to be produced by spirits. Ectoplasm would ooze from the body of a medium to form ghostly limbs, sometimes entire bodies. Fraud mediums produced it through a mixture of egg whife, paper, cloth, and even surgical garb.

The Fox Sisters
Margert and Kate Fox, two young sisters, are credited with starting the Spiritualist movement in 1848, after reportedly communicating with an entity they named Mr.Splitfoot. The girls would go on to earn world renown. P.T.Barnum invited them to perform at his American Museum and James Fenimore Cooper is said to have been spooked by their accuracy after visiting with them.

Ghosts who appeared in “spirit photography,” a craze that gained popularity during the spiritualist movement

Home Circles
Small groups of family and friends who gathered to attempt to communicate with the dead. Home Circles were a popular form of entertainment, replacing charades and other parlor games.

Society of Psychical Research (SPR)
Founded in 1882, the SPR was dedicated to investigating paranormal and psychic phenomena, with the intent of championing the authentic and debunking the fraudulent.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at terms that were common in the late 1800s as related to the practice of spiritualism. Perhaps I can entice you further with the blurb:

Cusp of Night by Mae Clair Mystery/Suspense, Supernatural Mystery, Supernatural Thriller, Urban Legend, Hode’s Hill Series
Cusp of Night by Mae Clair ~ Book One of the Hode’s Hill Series


Recently settled in Hode’s Hill, Pennsylvania, Maya Sinclair is enthralled by the town’s folklore, especially the legend about a centuries-old monster. A devil-like creature with uncanny abilities responsible for several horrific murders, the Fiend has evolved into the stuff of urban myth. But the past lives again when Maya witnesses an assault during the annual “Fiend Fest.” The victim is developer Leland Hode, patriarch of the town’s most powerful family, and he was attacked by someone dressed like the Fiend.

Compelled to discover who is behind the attack and why, Maya uncovers a shortlist of enemies of the Hode clan. The mystery deepens when she finds the journal of a late nineteenth-century spiritualist who once lived in Maya’s house–a woman whose ghost may still linger.

Known as the Blue Lady of Hode’s Hill due to a genetic condition, Lucinda Glass vanished without a trace and was believed to be one of the Fiend’s tragic victims. The disappearance of a young couple, combined with more sightings of the monster, trigger Maya to join forces with Leland’s son Collin. But the closer she gets to unearthing the truth, the closer she comes to a hidden world of twisted secrets, insanity, and evil that refuses to die . . .


You can find Mae Clair at the following haunts:
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Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Cheers and happy reading to all! ♥

78 thoughts on “Cusp of Night, book one of the Hode’s Hill Series by @MaeClair1 ✨📚 #MustRead #Suspense #SupernaturalThriller”

  1. You know, there’s something pure (and useful) about a glossary of terms. Loved this post, Mae.

    Thanks for hosting, Natalie. I love this book, and I’m glad to see it getting so much attention online.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Natalia, it’s lovely to see Mae on your blog! Mae, what a superb idea about the list of words – these are all fascinating and the mind boggles at the spirit cabinet! Hope you’re having a brilliant time blog hopping and that the book is going well. Wishing you both a wonderful Midsummer! 😀🌺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I thought the glossary would be a quick way to introduce readers to some of the elements in the “past” part of the novel. I’m glad you found it interesting–and the spirit cabinet was definitely an odd but popular creation of its time. Thanks for all the warm wishes, and wishing you a happy first day of summer as well!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Sorry I’m late in getting here. The day got away from me, LOL, but–OMG! Natalie, thank you so much for that amazing intro. You made my day and have me blushing. Thank you for hosting me today and for all of your wonderful support. You are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s with great pleasure, Mae! You have so much to celebrate with this release. Another gem to your many achievements. Cheers to you! I hope to have my review up very soon. I LOVED it! Funny story…just as I began reading the seance scene my Kindle shut down! Yup, black screen. Creeeeeeepy. It was just the battery, but I didn’t know why it happened until I plugged it in! It seemed quite fitting for the subject matter. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on From the Pen of Mae Clair and commented:
    The very lovely and talented Natalie Ducey is hosting me today as I wind down my blog tour for Cusp of Night. Natalie is a wonderful supporter of others, writes fabulous poetry, and is incredibly talented with art and design. She and her sister are also the owners of Peace by Piece Puzzles, which I hope you’ll check out while visiting her blog. My post offers up some of the terms used in seances and medium practices of the late 1800s. You might just find them interesting . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura, that’s just AWESOME! I know exactly what you mean. Mae is one of my top five favourite authors. It’s with great pleasure to share Cusp of Night here. I can’t wait to see what Mae has in store for book two. Thanks so much for stopping by are for sharing the love. Cheers! 🙂


  5. Fantastic post, Mae. I’m learning so much as I travel on your blog tour. This is an exciting journey. A big “Thank you” to Natalie for hosting Mae today. ♥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for following along on the tour, Gwen. It has been so much fun, and Natalie is such a gracious host. I’m delighted to be here today, and thrilled by the support the tour has been receiving!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Gwen, it’s been a fascinating tour, and I’m so delighted to be able to share in the celebration. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing the love. Big cheers all around! 🙂


  6. Fascinating how a whole vocabulary grew up around the spiritualist movement (which is an interesting term in and of itself). The ectoplasm makes me laugh. I’m looking forward to getting into this book, Mae. Thanks for hosting, Nathalie! 🙂 Happy Solstice!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was intriguing research, Bette. I can’t believe how skilled fraud mediums were in convincing their “sitters” that they were experiencing something supernatural. Thanks for visiting!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I could see the SPR (or something similar) having MIB overtones. Actually, I think they may still be around. They started in England, and then an American branch developed. A lot of the scientific minds of the day were part of the organization and Harry Houdini was associated with them. At one point, the magazine Scientific American offered a large cash prize to any medium who could be tested and proven authentic. That’s when Houdini got involved. It was fascinating!

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  7. The terminology is fascinating. ‘Extras’ made me chuckle…ghosts trying to get in on the action 🙂 Mae’s book in on my TBR and I’m looking forward to the read. Also looking forward to your review, Natalie ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Tina. The “extras” are even more funny when you see photos with them in it. Some are pretty bad, LOL. I’m thrilled to learn my book has made your TBR. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

      Liked by 2 people

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