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Life's Sunset ~ painting and verse by Natalie DuceyThe Heart's Lullaby

Living a life of gratitude … no regrets, no desire to rewrite one page. 💕 #RRBC #LoveWhatYouDo

Cheers, everyone! First, I just have to say that I can’t stop smiling as I write this. It’s impossible and that’s an awesome feeling! In …

The Heart's Lullaby

Today is an awesome day. I can’t stop smiling…no can do, and here’s why! ❤ @SCVincent #gratitude

Happy Sunday to all! I hope this finds you with a smile. ♥ Today, I have the delightful privilege to join Sue Vincent on her most …

The Heart's Lullaby ~ a candid portrayal of love in all its splendor and pain.Book Reviews The Heart's Lullaby

💕 THE HEART’S LULLABY 💕 A lovely review to share. #RRBC #IARTG

Happy Wednesday to all! … I just had to pause and be still in the moment, allowing myself to embrace it fully with a grateful …