How do I download my files?

Once your payment is complete, you will be able to download your files (you can find them in the purchases section of your account), and you will also receive an email with invoice/order details with the download link. Just click on the web link for your file and it will download directly to your device. If you experience any difficulty, sometimes a refresh is all that’s needed. Try to web link again. If you experience any problems that cannot be resolved, please contact me via the CONTACT page or click HERE. I’ll respond to your request swiftly and any issues will be resolved in a timely matter.

NOTE: Depending on your computer/device your file may download in a set folder or appear as a download on the bottom of your screen. If you cannot locate your file, please look in your downloads folder.

What files will I receive? How do I use them?

You’ll receive one or more of the following files, depending on your order:

JPEG file (flat image) to enter your text or overlay your photo/print on top of image. Resize your photo/print, if needed, and you’re done!

PNG file with transparency (ie. 5×7 invitation).
Requires a program with layers capability. Place your image behind the PNG file.

PSD mockup file with one Smart Object (ie. 5×7 frame)
In Photoshop, double left click Smart Object layer titled “Your Design Here” then drag and place your design in this layer. Transform as needed. Press “Enter.” Press “Control & S” to save changes. Close window and your design will appear in original file. To see shadows & effects, please ensure layer is set to “Multiply” blending mode.

You can also view this short video tutorial on how to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop (Smart Object) Mockup file in Photoshop. You do not need Photoshop to use a Mockup.

Video Tutorial

Can I edit the mockup?

Please note the mockup is not a scene creator, it is a fixed scene. Objects cannot be moved/removed, nor any changes to colours.


If you have a question that isn’t listed above, please feel free to contact me via CONTACT page or click HERE.

Thank you kindly.