Let’s celebrate the brilliant beauty of life’s journey! ♥

I believe we are connected by similar and relatable experiences. Through poetry and verse, I aspire to write stories that are universal in truth, and, hopefully, resonate in a way that is cathartic and soothing. I hope we can travel back with welcomed reflection, find solace and wisdom in the present, and feel inspired for the journey that lies before us.

On this site you’ll find stories, poems, and quotes – messages of love, compassion, hope, strength, and peace. It is a celebration of the remarkable power of the human spirit.

You’ll see my passion for graphic design and visual art throughout, as well. I also love to feature fellow authors and share book reviews!

Life is a continuous journey of becoming. As a writer and designer, I celebrate this. I have learned so much from amazingly talented, incredibly supportive writers, artists, and bloggers. It’s an absolute joy and pleasure to pass it along.

Welcome and cheers! ♥

Yesterday ~ 10x10 Printable Art by Natalie Ducey
Yesterday ~ 10×10 Printable Art by Natalie Ducey

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