Let’s celebrate the brilliant beauty of life’s journey! ♥

Life can change in an instant. Chances are, if you’re 20 years or older, you know this truth. Life, in its majestic wonder, can sometimes be unkind with its paths of uncertainty and forced goodbyes. In the blink of an eye, all that was once familiar, secure, and steady is now out of reach. No misdeeds necessary. No signature required. The current suddenly shifts, setting us adrift in uncharted waters with no map or plan of rescue.

Without knowing it, my journey as a writer actually began 25 years ago when life’s current suddenly shifted after I sustained a spinal cord injury as the result of a car accident. It wasn’t until 22 years later, however, that I discovered its magnificent power. Writing my first poem ignited the light that guided me home.

I published my first collection of poems The Heart’s Journey Home in 2015. In July 2017, my second collection The Heart’s Lullaby was published. Writing is my saving grace. My passion for graphic design fuels my soul. Through poetry and art, I aspire to tell stories that are universal in truth and, hopefully, resonate in a way that is cathartic and soothing. I hope we can travel back with welcomed reflection, find solace and wisdom in the present, and feel inspired for the journey that lies before us.

In the Falling by Natalie Ducey Art and Poetry 2

With a BA in Psychology, I have had the privilege of working in the counselling field for approximately 15 years. Through my work and personal journey, I have witnessed the remarkable power of the human spirit.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that stories that touch the heart and awaken the soul must be told. Let’s celebrate the fragility and resiliency of our hearts. Let’s find the calm in the chaos as we continue to sail into the mystic.

Author Natalie Ducey

Cheers and welcome!

I was born and raised in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada, with my two brothers and twin sister. I now reside in Ontario, Canada, with my husband of 15 years. He is a soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces, and I’m immensely proud of him. We enjoy a comfortable life with our little dog, Bella.

I love kayaking and the freedom and serenity of being one with water. I am an avid reader, passionate writer, and seeker of tranquility along life’s mystifying journey.

Most of all, I am a truly blessed daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and wife.♥

With much joy and gratitude,

Natalie Ducey ♥

6 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Thank you. Same to you. I use to live in Northern Washington about 80 miles north of Seattle. We use to visit Canada all the time. Every September we attended what I believe was called the PNE. It was like a state fair. It was in or around Vancouver, I think.

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  2. Such a wonderful outlook on life. You have inspired me, Natalie, and for that I thank you. I also have a spinal cord injury (Transverse Myelitis) so life can be tough sometimes. But there is always a light to be found!! I wish you the best of everything life has to offer! Dorinda

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    1. So lovely of you to say, Dorinda. Thank you. 🙂 I’m delighted we connected as we have much in common. Yes, there is always a light to be found. Poetry was my saving grace. I look forward to reading your poetry and posts. Sending positive thoughts across the miles. Cheers! 🙂

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