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How to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop (Smart Object) Mockup file in Photoshop! #Mockups #Marketing

Greetings, everyone! ♥

I love creating things, beautiful things that come from a grateful heart.

Today I’d love to share a video tutorial and a few resources on how to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop (Smart Object) Mockup file in Photoshop.

When I first started sharing my poetry, I used Mockups to help showcase my work. Mockups are fantastic for showcasing our creations in a more realistic setting.

Square White Frame Mockup accented with flowers and candle available at Unique Mockup Boutique
Square White Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique


There are Mockups for everything you can imagine. Products you see online are, most likely, displayed using a Mockup. Yup, clothing, coffee cups, books, and even billboard Mockups can be found easily with a quick google search. There are numerous websites offering free Mockups. MOCKUP WORLD is a gem! Sometimes attribution or a linkback is required, but not always. It’s necessary to read the fine-print, of course; some are only available for personal use, but the majority of Mockups are available for commercial use. You can use the Mockup to MARKET and SELL your creations!

You can also purchase Mockups on Creative Market, Etsy, Deal Jumbo, and The Hungry Jpeg just to name a few.

Given my passion for graphic design, I started creating my own Mockups!

You may recall the blog post “Following your passion!” I shared sometime ago asking if you’re familiar with Mockups. Some visitors to the post were familiar with them, but most were not. So, this post has been in the works since then.

We creators should value our work enough to celebrate it. These creations are birthed from a passion, an inner, innate desire to create and chart new waters.  Why not celebrate them?!

Mockups … tada … let the celebrations begin!

This is a short video tutorial I made to show how to use a Mockup. You may not use a frame Mockup, as displayed in the video, but the process of using a Mockup remains the same.



Tips for Use:

**JPEG file

Easily used to enter your text and/or overlay your photo/print on top of image. Resize your photo/print, if needed, and you’re done!

**PNG file with transparency (frame interior)

Requires a program with layers capability. Place your image behind the PNG file. Easy peasy!

**PSD mockup file with one smart object (frame interior)

In Photoshop, double left click Smart Object layer titled “Your Design Here” then drag and place your design in this new layer. Transform as needed. Press “Enter” to apply changes. Then press “Control and S” to save changes. Close window and your design will appear in original file. To see shadows and effects, please ensure layer is set to “Multiply” blending mode. You’re done!

Note: You don’t need Photoshop to use a Mockup. It really depends on the image file you’re using, as noted in the video tutorial.

Other Image Editors:

Canva (Free or Upgrade for a fee)

PicMonkey (Free Trial Version)

Gimp (Free & Open Source Image Editor)

Photoshop (Free 7 day Trial Version)


8x10 Black Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique
8×10 Black Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique

Unique Mockup Boutique

I opened my little Mockup Boutique to offer unique, creative mockup designs.

In the “Sample of Use” image, I display my own artistic creations.

I also use my Mockups to showcase my poetry and art available for purchase in my

Etsy Shop – Printable Art and Verse.

Two passions collide!

I consider it a privilege to work with fellow creators to help showcase their treasures.


Notebook Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique
Notebook Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique



5x7 Metallic Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique
5×7 Metallic Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique



Open Book Mockup with Lavender Background available at Unique Mockup Boutique
Open Book Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique



8x10 Rustic Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique
8×10 Rustic Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hope the video tutorial and resources were useful and inspire you to celebrate your creations!

If you use a Mockup for your creations/designs (WIP, books, poetry, art…), please feel free to share a link to your design(s) in the comments below, and I’ll share them via my Twitter Account @NatalieDucey. It’s share the love day!

All Mockups displayed above are available at:

Unique Mockup Boutique

With much joy and gratitude,

Natalie Ducey


28 thoughts on “How to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop (Smart Object) Mockup file in Photoshop! #Mockups #Marketing”

  1. Awesome post and exceptional tutorial video, Natalie! I’ve worked with layers in Photoshop before, so I was really able to follow along. There’s a whole new creative world waiting out there with mock-ups and design. I really need to find some time to devote to playing around with these. The ones you create are just so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this highly informative post and for making the vid tutorial. Sooo informative and helpful!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much, Mae, for watching and for your kind words! 🙂 This was a lot of fun to do. When I first started using them, I relied mainly on videos to learn, but had to watch so many to understand the different formats and how to use them. I include this video in all my Mockup listings in Etsy. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of “How to” videos!
      Mockup World is an awesome site for resources. I used a book Mockup file for my books. Super easy and safe to download.
      Thanks again. Wishing you an awesome day. Happy creating! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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